His imperial majesty Emperor Haile Selassie I,Elect of God,Lion Of Judah and king of kings Of Ethiopia and his expected successor prince Asfaw Wosen Haile Selassie.

While thousands of the Northern Ethiopia people were dying of famine and displaced from their residence, the king was celebrating his 80th year birth day luxuriously in 1972.

From 1961 to 1962, the Addis Ababa University Student Chairmanship and Student Movement, Yalein Mekonnen, the Student Movement for Demonstrations and Ethnic Nationalities.

Land to the peasants,the respect for human and democratic rights and equality of nation,nationality and peoples and down to honorable Endalkachew Mekonnen was the questions in students crowd.

The students` movement for people`s for popular sovereignty in 1974.

The formation of the provisional military government which was led by colonel Mengistu Haile Mariam as 1st vice president and L/colonel Atnafu Abate 2nd vice president in 1974.

Land disputes, human rights and democratic rights, and respect for the rights of ethnic nationalities.

Military leadership and training was given before they marched in to battle fields to have determination and strong psychological makeup.

Military Justification was given before combat regarding to the operation.

Operation Korem was a military mission led by the alliance force of the Tigray people Liberation Front and the Ethiopian people Democratic Movement against the military Derg in 1982.In this operation,platoon(ganta) 78, 42, and 82 of EPDM under the leadership of Haile Tilahun, Hilawi Yoseph, Addisu Legese, Tefera Walewa,and Oseman Awere actively participated.

Military Helicopter confiscated from the Derg armed forces at Finarewa Seqota.

Mountains,Gorges and rivers were also challenging in times of military operation.

In the first organizational conference, EPDM Central Committee – Tamrat Lane, Usman Amennerie, Newcomer, Blessed Sons, Yared Philosophy, Haille Tilahun and Tefera Wław.

Camels, mules, and donkeys have also contributed to the struggle by serving as transporters.

Military training for physical fitness and campaign readiness.

The Aremacheho people called themselves as “ Lion Killer “, and joined with EPDM armies for military expedition.

Mom,what is your anxiety(suit – ring)when you saw the derg jet,children were also victims the fascist Derg military bombardment.

After commemoration of the martyrs the struggle,EPDM made a rehabilitation program in the librated areas for whom their houses ruined by the derg.

During the ratification of the constitution on December 8, 1995.

The Ethiopian People`s Democratic Movement was our Parent during hardship.“Yehidar Lijoch“

EPDM medical staff `s during medical surgery and examination.

Colonel MeConneni Abate gives counseling services to local community and female medical  clients.

The armed force performs different games to relax them when they have break time.

“Even in the course of the struggle we actively involved in the national development like the Armacheho road construction“ …“we are also refreshing ourselves in this way“

Organizational congresses of ANDM/Amhara National Democracy movement.

The 1 st congress of EPDM was held at Jerba Yohannes in Waghimira onNovember 23 – 30,1963.The meaning enables them to ensure the strength of the party.At the end of congress seven permanent central committees were elected to supervise the overall performance of the party.

First Congress

Second Congress

Third Congress

Fourth Congress

Fifth Congress

Sixth Congress

Seventh Congress

Eighth Congress

Ninth Congress-

Tenth Congress

Tenth Congress

The founder fighters

sacrificed themselves in Struggles

Indoor military museum

The 35th SEA Games / MEDide Zone, which is a non-stop tourist destination, is an indoor outdoor military museum, an indoor military museum, an indoor military museum dedicated to the art galleries, monuments and art galleries of amateur and professional writers. Kinabalu, Mogadishu, etc., visitors from different parts of the country, Diaspora and foreign nationals, famous people, etc. are visiting.

Outskirts of the country: Outdoor Museums, Indoor Military Museums, Home Martial Arts Museums, Sculptures, Monuments and Kinabalu, Marvelous Gardens, Artists, Artists, Artists, etc., in the city and surrounding areas, Tourists visiting Diaspora, foreign nationals, prominent people, and so on – visit the site.