In the first half of 2012, it was announced that more than 38,000 visitors were served

The Amhara Regional Public Martyrs Memorial Monument has added to its five-year strategic plan and plans to provide education and visitation services to 98566 customers in total, including 98566 domestic and 2261 overseas visitors.

Of the service users, 17,963 visited the pay-per-view and 502 unpaid collaborative letters, and 252 were foreign visitors.

Compared with the previous half year, the performance of 2012 has increased by 6,626 visitors.

The office has planned to collect 10002 birr from overseas customers and collects 10002 birr from overseas.
Compared with the previous year, the performance showed a six-month performance of 80614 birr in 2012/13.
Amhara Regional State Martyrs Memorial Library Library has served over 28,000 readers in the first half of 2012
The library plans to serve 24950 in the regular reading room, 5862 in the Digital Reading Room, 3675 free reading calls for 22,000 in a half-year class, 18497, in the Digital Reading Room for 1306, in the Free Reading Room for 5117 for total. Customer service provided.
The library has been able to raise revenue from the Regular Reading Room 174999 through Digital Reading and Internet Reading Room 310650 with a total of 485649 Birr in Regular Reading Room 18540 and a total of 45080 Birr. The performance is 8323 higher in 2012 compared to the previous half year.